Sorry, Celtic Insurance Company no longer directly offers coverage
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Coverage may be offered through an insurance exchange. We suggest the following options:

Visit for state insurance exchange options

Visit Members Insurance Exchange for private exchange and options

Call (800) 609-0683 x3 for live agent support

Write to OnlineNavigator provided by Tony Novak, CPA for help with health reform issues

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How do I submit a claim to Celtic Insurance?

Medical service providers may submit a claim to Celtic Insurance Company electronically. Please contact Celtic's Clearing House ENS Health at 1-800-341-6141 for instructions to submit an electronic claim. Celtic Insurance Company is able to receive and process HIPAA-compliant EDI transactions.

Policyholders may submit a claim by mail by sending an invoice for medical services that includes the policy number. Send the original itemized bill to:

Celtic Insurance Company
Attention: Claims
PO Box 26440
Little Rock, AR 72221

You can also fax the claim information to 1-800-678-9311.

Include your certificate number (if you have a Short-Term plan, please indicate the correct certificate number for the date of service), your name as it appears on your ID card (including Jr., Sr., III, etc.), and your date of birth. Be sure the bill you are submitting includes the provider’s name, provider’s telephone number, provider’s TIN (Tax ID Number), and ICD-0 codes and CPT codes. Celtic Insurance does not require the use of a claim form.

For telephone follow-up on claims call (800) 477-7870.

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